Lat Nav failure, then No oil pressure mid flight

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Windows 10, P3Dv4.1, ENVTEX, Active Sky and Cloud Art only - no addon scenery.


Enjoying the CRJ enormously, but having strange problems.


1.  Most flights the CRJ seems to loose lateral Nav suddenly at some point mid flight for no apparent reason. The flight plan in the FMC was ok and been followed by the autopilot no problem up to that point on each occasion.


2. Now today, while in the descent, I suddenly got a Low Oil Pressure warning on the EICAS sytem, first on one engine then soon after on the other, all the power disappeared and the aircraft continued to glide downward.


It was as though an oil pressure failure on both engines had been intentionally simulated. No CTD, just a warning on the EICAS sytem then total aircraft cockpit systems shut down.


Any advice on both of these issues (Lost Nav and Oil pressure failure) please?


Thanks in anticipation



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More detail on the lost lateral Nav situation above. While on a leg of the flight plan approaching the next waypoint, the waypoint name and reducing distance (39 miles approx) we’re being displayed as normal in the Nav display.


Then abruptly, that next waypoint was no longer being displayed in the Nav display, just a gap where it had previously been and now the distance shown had changed to 158 miles and was this was counting upward, not downward.


the aircraft then flew straight on when the waypoint was reached, without turning and Nav mode could not be recovered.



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Thanks for moving this post to the correct Forum heading, my apologies for miss-posting it originally.


I see now that I’m very much not alone which is at least re-assuring.


love this CRJ simulation and very much looking forward to the next update release when it’s ready.


by the way, I can also confirm the ‘problem’ where the aircraft climbs to within 200ft of cruise but refuses to climb the last 200.


oh and I’m randomly getting the ‘Not in Database’ error when entering some airports/runways/gates and waypoints into the FMS


and CTD mid flight often.......


roll on on the next release. Appreciate your hard work on our behalf.



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