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P3D V3.4 latest Version. Simstarter latest Version.


When I try to load this Situation (Carenado F406, LOWL), P3D crashes on me. It's not the plane in General, I can load a Situation with it, I can also load this Situation when I start P3D and from the start Screen choose it - I cannot load it through Simstarter, though.


I can even load it if I start this Situation with Simstarter to the start Screen and RELOAD the Situation. If I just klick ok to proceed, I Crash.


Any idea why?

SIMstarter NG.fxml

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What if you

  1. Select a Default Aircraft

  2. Select another airport

in general there are some AddOn Aircrafts that can cause problems if a saved flight will be loaded from the application startup.

This kind of error has been discussed many times. :O)

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