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Airbus Series on P3D v3

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Hi all please help, I recently installed my Airbus series on P3d and now its not working right. Yes Simconnect and FSUIPC have been manually installed.

See screenshot

1. Right MCDU not working, no buttons are even clickable

2. Something in the Autopilot also doesnt look right.


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On what operating system are you?

Have you installed the Airbus as administrator?


Please re-install the bus again according to the below linked guide. Additionally make sure to:

  • run the installer as administrator
  • have the windows firewall enabled if you are on Win8 or Win10 
  • don't have any "Steam" software running during installation. Check with the task manager and end all steam tasks you find there.

And as a side note: why are you not using the Airbus forum for your question? It's right next to the one you have chosen to place your question in.



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