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  1. Hi guys not sure if im doing something wrong or what but I cant seem to find the livery manager anywhere, see attached pic of where it should. my files also looks different to Mathijs's pic.
  2. Oky thanks, it worked. I noticed GSX goes crazy. Any configuration files for the Airbus
  3. Hi guys please see the pics below. In Screenshot 222 im trying to add a company route which I created with company route editor, it says Not in database, I also created one with simbrief and get the same issue, routes are saved in the right area as per Screenshot 224. Notice in screenshot 223: I tried to manually add my flightplan from/to I typed it as FAPE/FAOR as I want to fly from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg but then it takes me to the New Waypoint page. Ive flown all of the Aerosoft Airbusses in the past for many many hours and never had issues like these. Im using Navigraph Airac which is fully updated and its also ticked as Navigraph in the configurator see screenshot 225. Please help
  4. Please help im getting an error which says couldnt initialize directshow. Perhaps the neccesary codec for the video is missing. I installed codecs but it still doesnt work
  5. It would be amazing to have south africa on AES aswell as the south african virtual aviation community is getting bigger. There is a new version of Johannesburg International with the new Pier that looks amazing.i just dont know how to upload pics otherwise i couldve shared some. For FSX here's a link to all the payware scenery
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