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  1. I am very pleasantly surprised by your reply Mathijs. I am not a student of any kind, but according to the grid shown on the LM website, I would have to pay 199USD. This equates to approx £150!. Quite a lot for a flightsim programme. I would be delighted to pay 60 USD and still be "legal" regarding the licence. If you are correct, I would be very happy to upgrade to P3Dv4.2 very soon. I will have to look into this a little closer. I wonder how many others are in the same situation?. Regards.
  2. Thank you for the response. Yes, all very true. For me (like many), it is the cost of purchasing the correct licence for P3D that is the game stopper. Again, thank you. Regards
  3. Thank you for the reply. I do understand that this has to be cost effective, but I wonder what percentage of simmers have changed to P3Dv.4.2. I have been flight simming since 1998, and know that the world moves on. I am of the opinion (unsubstantiated with figures) that there are still a vast amount of people still on FSX/FSX.SE who would like to fly the "new" AS Airbus. Please don't abandon us too soon. Regards to all.
  4. For those of us that have older systems, but are keen to fly the new AS Airbus, is it possible please to know when the decision will be made about the FSX version?. Regards to all on the dev team.
  5. I think you will find that a large percentage of "flight simmers" will fly for only a short time in each session. A lot of people just want to flightsim as a form of entertainment and relaxation. Shared flightdeck is perhaps for the more "serious" simmers, who have the time, and lack of pressure in their every day life, and have all the time to set it all up. Just my humble opinion of course, but please don't take it too seriously.
  6. Please let me clarify the request that is being made here. Only the PFD,ND and engine instruments panels are required.The bezels are not required.The most important thing is to be able to re-position these screens on the users computer monitor or on a separate secondary screen. We accept the fact that your head would be in an unusual position to be able to see these screens at this angle.Please take a look at the PMDG NGX, Majestic Dash-8 et al. This is all we are asking for.How real is real?. When your aircraft is in a turn, do your desk and chair tilt to replicate banking?. Probably not. Making your own views is OK, but has a massive frame rate impact for FSX / FSX.SE users. Hope this helps. Kind regards to all.
  7. Your reply is much appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. I would be MUCH,MUCH,MUCH,MUCH happier with the new Airbusses (and buy the whole lot!), if they incorporated the one missing feature.........Pop out instrument panels, as asked for by me (and others), when so many other leading developers include this feature as standard. It is the only reason that I would buy the FSL bus over the AS. Sorry to raise this again, but I feel that is an essential. Regards to all.
  9. Is it the intention to publish a "change log" regarding the new 2018 A320 family v the current version?. This may be useful to help decide if to buy the new version, or stick with the current one. Regards.
  10. I have just seen on Youtube,the excellent Frooglesim start one of his "Fully Loaded" episodes on the new CRJ700. This is part one of two. In this episode, he makes extensive use of the 2D pop out screens to demonstrate parts of the set up and preparation for his flight. Does this not raise again the importance of this feature, with the new Airbus family development. I have almost pleaded for this feature on the Airbus in the past, but have been told that it is unrealistic, and that Aerosoft are not in favour of this very useful feature on all add-ons IMHO. We do not all have large HD screens. Will you not please reconsider before it is too late for the launch of the new planes?. Regards to all.
  11. I have used a Chillblast Messiah gaming laptop for the last three years with no problems. As well as the AS Airbusses, it runs the NGX, and the Majestic Q400 very smoothly. Chillblast are a British company, and are well worth a call for advice on a suitable machine.
  12. what is wrong is that you are having to purchase extra software to be able read the aircraft instrumentation, also, when you are "zoomed in", you are blocking out the rest of the flightdeck. IMHO, this should be built in to the original developers product. Regards.
  13. Let me try to explain why I raised this issue. What we are talking about here, is the ability to read various instruments, that have small characters with ease, and without having to strain the eyes. It does-not matter about shading and colours, or that it is an unnatural angle to view a panel, or being a contortionist. It is about the ability to select an instrument, or panel to be able to read or monitor various functions of the aircraft with ease. We expect, with a mouse click, to be able to see an enlarged (for example) engine start sequence, or ND, or PFD, and then to have the enlarged panel return to its normal size, with another mouse click. I can not find any other developer who does not see this. Products from the likes of PMDG, FSL, Majestic, Carenado, Wilco etc all have aircraft flightdecks that have 2D mouse click pop up panels. When you fly on a 17 inch gaming laptop, it is an eye straining job to be able to see properly, (for example) the Radio Altimeter read out when on finals. There are many more examples. I think that when we purchase a product from a developer of the quality of Aerosoft, that they have considered this and have built this into their product. We are not asking for something extra, but only what other developers provide. As I have previously stated, the AS A320 product is the best on the market, EXCEPT for this missing feature. We are talking here, after all about a computer game/simulation. Please take these comments as a positive, because they would make a good product into a brilliant one. Regards to all.
  14. Just for clarity, I refere to the PFD and ND. Also, perhaps the engine instrumentation.