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  1. .... Dreams come true ..... Great thanks for all team ... especially for Hans
  2. ehm ,, this is not true - (people knew, when they purchased the TFDi 717, that it was a beta-product) - Was added later
  3. since december in a hangar ...
  4. .. they rather keep the date of release preferred to a quality ... therefore I appreciate companies as Aerosoft, PMDG, Flight1, Majesticsoftware ... which prefer a quality!
  5. they released unfinished product ? yes they released..
  6. And this is for example difference between Aerosoft (Hans) and TFDi (group)
  7. so sad.... It's worse and worse look at the next and other pictures ..
  8. ... 9 days remains .... until today
  9. clearly ... Such a man as Karel really wait for "purchase" .. ship with black flags ... my apologies for sincerity
  10. excellently Jeffg, now that Mathijs starts to explain development process , so we will be wait next two years
  11. Kerel - Yes it will be
  12. It sounds like a need to extend beta team Mathijs
  13. Haaans when is th termine ? This pregnancy is don't well for you We all have empty strollers, Let's take a deep breath 1 ,2, 3 There's probably is no difference between real baby and this plane We appreciate your work! Best regards J.C