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  1. Not everyone, I will wait and see, there are a lot of other things to do and planes to fly.
  2. Vindeballe

    Is Tapatalk broken for the Aerosoft forums?

    Fine, that's why we don't see the Tapatalk signature any more, and I don't mis it.
  3. Hello! A little correction to version number for Vidan design scenery for the Island of Tunø. It is updated and P3Dv4 ready. Vidan Designs number i v. 1.3, but in the download shop the version number i still 1.0. The file is the new one with the date 12.09.2017.
  4. Vindeballe


    Just started flying and looking around, the HUD is a very nice feature and can be seen against the sun. With my Saitek x52 pro, it is not that difficult to keep a constant speed, but it must be monitored. And now I must start to read manuals and fly the tutorial.
  5. In the Twotter forum I can see that you are considering an update of the Twin Otter Extended. What about the Beaver? I got it flying in v3.4, but have not tried in v4, as I do not believe it possible. Would be nice to keep the Aerosoft Beaver flying in v4. Milviz has one that is updated to v4 and that could be a possibility, but I will like to keep my good old Beaver from Aerosoft.
  6. Vindeballe

    Vendor not providing airport scenry updates

    In the future buy direct at the Aerosoft shop, for downloads the entire world is your local shop.
  7. Vindeballe

    ATR72-500 for X-plane11?

    Thank you very much, now it loads and fly. I will investigate it's behavior and maybe play a little more with planemaker.
  8. Vindeballe

    ATR72-500 for X-plane11?

    Found my old DVD with the ATR72-500 for X-plane10, downloaded the update to v. 1.1 and installed to X-plane11. X-plane11 say that the GPS is not compatible, and I must install a new one with planemaker. Planemaker is not my favorite program, but if you can link me a beginners tutorial of how to install a new GPS, I will give it a try. The easiest solution would be an update of the plane to 11.
  9. Vindeballe

    Some comments on 64 bit sims

    When I am crashing it could be
  10. Vindeballe

    What is this? Help please

    Tank you! Will try that
  11. Vindeballe

    What is this? Help please

    Sorry, forgot that Log.txt
  12. Something has happened, maybe I called for a feature I did not know existed. The shadows are there on all planes, have tried to get them go away, but no luck. Any suggetions and/explanations will be appreciated. X-plane 11.01
  13. Vindeballe

    Off to Nepal!

    Finally arrived in Singapore flying the QW 757 for this leg. Approaching Singapore Landing in Singapore
  14. Vindeballe

    Off to Nepal!

    Another leg completed, arrived at WADD Denpasar today. To me this is a new part of the world. Ready for departure WPDL Passing Bajawa island on rhe route for Denpasar Near Sembelia Appraching WADD Denpasar
  15. Vindeballe

    Off to Nepal!

    Heading north again just arrived at Dili East Timor after a long flight from Darwin in the PC12. After start from Darwin Underway to Dili WPDL Over the sea East Timor Near Dili Landed in Dili East Timor in the airport with a very long name :-)