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  1. count me in, will let the bus rest a little.
  2. You need the third mcdu in the prof version of the airbus
  3. Not everyone, do not count me in, but that is only -1.
  4. Vindeballe

    Not following ascent/descent path

    Or buy direct at Aerosoft shop
  5. Vindeballe

    Problem When Undocking MCDU

    No, nothing special, only the built in sound card, and to me it is not a problem.
  6. Vindeballe

    Problem When Undocking MCDU

    You are not alone. Just tested on my system with 2 monitors and a GTX970 4 GB ram. The main screen with the cockpit goes silent, just like when I change to another program, and it does not change if the 'mute on lost focus' is checked or unchecked. To me it is not a problem, just wanted to test.
  7. Vindeballe

    Updater Issues.

    My updater is a litle further down
  8. Vindeballe

    Text Info Manager Fehler

    Is this an english or german forum?
  9. Hi! Just curious . Why do you have an Airbus folder in your P3Dv4 folder? Mine is only in the Document folder, nothing in the P3D\simobjects\airplanes folder. And no problems so far after a clean new install of P3Dv4.3 installation.
  10. Not everyone, I will wait and see, there are a lot of other things to do and planes to fly.
  11. Vindeballe

    Is Tapatalk broken for the Aerosoft forums?

    Fine, that's why we don't see the Tapatalk signature any more, and I don't mis it.
  12. Hello! A little correction to version number for Vidan design scenery for the Island of Tunø. It is updated and P3Dv4 ready. Vidan Designs number i v. 1.3, but in the download shop the version number i still 1.0. The file is the new one with the date 12.09.2017.
  13. Vindeballe


    Just started flying and looking around, the HUD is a very nice feature and can be seen against the sun. With my Saitek x52 pro, it is not that difficult to keep a constant speed, but it must be monitored. And now I must start to read manuals and fly the tutorial.
  14. In the Twotter forum I can see that you are considering an update of the Twin Otter Extended. What about the Beaver? I got it flying in v3.4, but have not tried in v4, as I do not believe it possible. Would be nice to keep the Aerosoft Beaver flying in v4. Milviz has one that is updated to v4 and that could be a possibility, but I will like to keep my good old Beaver from Aerosoft.