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  1. Everyone minus one, I will not. Waiting for the Beaver, but that is a long term project.
  2. When following a flightplan or direct route, you have to press then NAV button, then the aircraft should follow the red line.
  3. In the weather menu, either when using the world map or the in flight weather menu. Click on the white arrow in the upper screen and click on the sky symbol.
  4. Mine has worked in both alpha, beta and release versions, the axises are assigned as in this picture.
  5. Yes!! Really looking foreward to a Beaver and Twotter for MSFS. 🙂
  6. The twinotter in MSFS will be very welcome, hope it will not take too long to finish it. 🙂
  7. I have not been in all corners, but I am flying it now and looks like ity use to. Installed the normal way, just choosing v5 directory
  8. No problem to me, then my name is not very speciel. It is in my signature.
  9. You need the third mcdu in the prof version of the airbus
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