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  1. Have ordered - so I Will have 32 GB of ram- But sounds if its avaible in my computer- it Will use above the 16gb of ram- since you Can hit a usage of 20gb:) Thank you-NOT been flying in a year. So looking forward to the release- Only Want to fly the Aerosoft bus- therefore so long time since my last take off in P3d
  2. Everything is almost set up An install of P3d v4 - a new Win 10 and some PRO airports from Aerosoft. Only waiting for the bus release - Have tested all my scenerys with default F22 and default airbus. If I possible have 40 fps at active rwy at EGLL with also all ORBX installed. How much fps decrease should we expect compared to default in virtual cockpit ? Chris from Denmark
  3. I forgot to hear... What about a graphic passenger window view- ? A330 is for long haul flights- think the pilot also have to visit the cabin-
  4. Some small questions. Really looking forward to the new airbus. All my hardware and software is only setup for your Airbus 320/321. Not even considered FS Lab. So I'm A dedicated aerosoft airbus simmer. 1. Will Aircondition work on ground with engines off- and apu bleed running- and be implemented to 320/321 2. Will it be possible to get a more realistic cockpit night look- changing light by steps- and if- be implented to 320/321 Chris from Denmark
  5. copilot767

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Short before approach - I activated APcontrol again... my gates was showing correctly after landing. No problems when starting at Prague. But going to Prague and even APcontrol is running I have to press it manually to see my gates after landing.
  6. copilot767

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Havent tried.. Will try next time I go to Prague
  7. copilot767

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Hello... Starting up at LKPR, everything seems to be correct. But every time I fly from another airport TO LKPR - The jetways are missing ? Chris from Denmark
  8. copilot767

    Airport Controller - ApController.exe

    Thanks for answer
  9. copilot767

    Airport Controller - ApController.exe

    Hello.. Im very in doubt abouot this Airport Controller. I have installed Prague - Is AP in use in this scenery or not. I cant find anything - that looks like it is in use... If so what buttons do I have to use or press - to see some veichles or other things ? Chris from Denmark
  10. Good to hear,then its something missing in the files..
  11. I did as described - deleted ALL VC files in a download A321 CFM... And further to be sure also deleted ALL EXTERIOR files... So only have yours and Texure.cfg says: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_A321 fallback.3=..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture fallback.4=..\..\..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture I still ONLY have 1024 overhead cockpit at day and night in my A321 CFM ??
  12. To Jie Bin Lee.. Do you have No problems at All at A320 and 321 with night textures.. And if not, how have you installed, Think I have done it correct...
  13. No responce from him- but does other have same problem?