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  1. Hi @Stefan Hoffmann, is it going to be available for P3Dv3 as well? Or just for v4? best regards francis
  2. Hi, I just want to ask if there will any cabin noise/cockpit noise? just like in the pmdg when the wheels are hitting the taxi lights. Or whenever the plane is taxiing you tend to hear different kinds of rattling sounds. Thanks!
  3. Hi @holgi i would like to change my registration for my requested cebu pacific livery. Instead of 3347, change to 3348. Thanks! [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Cool! Thanks for letting us know @Mathijs Kok!
  5. Hi guys! just want to ask if you guys will include a pdf checklist on the manual itself? Thanks! And keep up the good work!
  6. Hi tom! correction, the only liters that is given is the max fuel capacity. The reason why i want to know the exact value is because i am not sure if its the same on pfpx. Also, i am prepping my desired a330 callsign on PFPX
  7. hi, I just want to ask what is the maximum fuel capacity in kg? i tried googling it and its all in liters. Also, will the specs be the same with these? Max ramp weight 230.9 (242.9) tonnes Max take-off weight 230.0 (242.0) tonnes Max landing weight 185.0 (187.0) tonnes Max zero fuel weight 173.0 (175.0) tonnes Max fuel capacity97 530 litres thanks!
  8. @Mathijs Kok and @Fabian Boulegue, hi guys! I just want to give an idea for a new scenery.To give you a little background of cebu, it is the second largest city in the Philippines and the island itself is 121.62 sq mi.! It is surrounded by white beaches and they are currently building a new terminal. Here is a clip of the project. I hope your team would consider this one. Thanks and i hope to hear from you guys! Best regards, francis
  9. sorry about that!
  10. hi @Holgi Can i request this livery? RP-C3347 Cebu Pacific
  11. @Mathijs Kok, hi mathijs! I just want to give an idea for a new scenery. So i live in cebu,philippines and it is the 2nd largest city in the philippines. It would be great if your team would make a scenery for my city. Thanks and i hope to hear from you! Best regards, francis
  12. @Mathijs Kok hi mathijs, yes i just bought the scenery lastweek thanks.
  13. Hi I am experiencing some weird problems with BaliX scenery wherein everytime i ask GSX for push back, the plane turns 360 and it pushes me towards the building terminal. Is there a fix for this? Thanks
  14. Hi devs! just want to ask if we see traffic on our ND, is it going to be like this? Or is it going to be just the same with the a320 wherein it is diamond?
  15. Hi devs, Can i suggest, if its possible, to include a copy of the real checklist? Specifly to included on the copy of documentation. Cheers.