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  1. PFPX template commands v2

    No problem, thank you very much for the reply Can you add maybe to the next release an ATCRoute command that deletes DCT in the route like this: (No DCT between the highlighted point as you can see). and also add a Redispatch ATCRoute from Departure airport to redispatch airport, and an ATCRoute from redispatch fix to original destination.
  2. PFPX template commands v2

    Anyone please?
  3. PFPX template commands v2

    Does someone knows how to use RAIM in PFPX?
  4. PFPX template commands v2

    Thank you, I know what it is. But can you show me an example of how I can use it in PFPX?
  5. PFPX template commands v2

    and what is the content that needs to be between them?
  6. Can someone explain how to use the GPS RAIM function in the new template? how to implement it to my personal created template? you get the idea of what I am asking from the pic Thank you.
  7. Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    Can you explain how to you the GPS RAIM functions?
  8. Do you know also the command for a route from the departure airport to the redispatch airport, and from the redispatch fix to the arrival airport?
  9. Virtual Airlines

    Almost every VA requires an entry exam.
  10. PFPX template commands can you comment on that please?
  11. PFPX template commands

    You mean using the FAA route and this is not what I mean. I mean a normal ROUTE but without the DCT when there is one. this is how it looks from an OFP:
  12. PFPX template commands

    The route I showed you is not for the ATC FPL it is in the OFP for the pilots. and if I remove the SID and live only the first waypoint of the route it will not include in the calculation the SID and only the direct route from the RWY to the WAYPOINT.
  13. Hello, are there any news about this (Subject)? And also can you add FAA ATC route for redispatch routes and also an ATC route with no Directs like this for example: LLBG PURLA H1B SUVAS UL53 KAROL UL995 RDS UL609 MES UG18 FSK UL608 DISOR LONTA DOLEV BOSNA DEVUL GORPA DOL NIPEL ERKIR ETAGO SUNEG UL608 NONKO UZ211 MISGI Z104 GESLO N852 LNO LNO3X EBLG. as you can see the BOLD section doesn't have DCT between the waypoints. is it possible to add this to PFPX, and also to add RCF (Reduced contingency Fuel) Fuel policy for PFPX and this: And also a NAVLOG that doesn't show all the SIDs waypoints what in the NAVLOG, so it would be like that: and not like that: and can you also remove this " *BDRY " thing from the NAVLOG. Thank you very much, Amit
  14. JAR Design route Export?

    you can export it as text file via the export function after computing a flight' or you can just copy the route to notepad and same it< it is the same as you want.
  15. Extended Range EROPS Fields Request

    can you update the template PDF guide with all the new functions, because there are a lot of new functions that we don't know about them. I wrote a ticket about it a year ago and they said they are working on it but I don't this so, I don't think after a year that nothing comes out meaning they have added some "words" to the template so I hope you can pass it on and do something.