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  1. Unfortunately this forum is dead tbh no one from the company hardly ever replies
  2. Also keep your eye open on this site http://airlinerperformance.net/aircraft-types/ i always get mine from there and sure they will update soon
  3. Pretty pointless posting here nowadays as pretty much a dead forum hardly ever get support to reply id suggest sending a support ticket might get a reply then
  4. yeah but nothing has changed from the previous build of fslabs it worked fine with the latest fslabs update and only has stopped working since the 2.03 release of pfpx
  5. wonder why the process of clicking print aoc doesnt work but doing as mentioned ie no ALTN Dct and enter the flight number and init request work surely something isnt right though if the AOC doesnt work when you press print
  6. To be fair before installing any software whether update or new builds to should back up your data this has been a must have thing to do for years now and to be honest the needing of spoon feeding and hand holding is getting stupid now you should have some common sense before updating
  7. hi i seen your post in the hotfix section


    i have figured out that issue - make sure you have activesky open when you plan your flight using pfpx and the AS for weather as then it will pull all information correctly and you will get full wind charts etc

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    2. donkey20048


      What worked for me if that happens is click on online weather and switch back to AS and it shud work

    3. Amit240


      it doesn't work

    4. donkey20048


      Not sure what to suggest mine now works every time sorry

  8. Yeah except I used Active sky to plan another flight and I got all the wind data and charts etc perfectly so not sure what going on
  9. Ok update I’ve planned a different flight using the AS weather and all works perfect but not sure why no weather showing etc on the first
  10. Him i use active sky for v4 when I use this option I get no wind /weather on charts but if I select online option then it works what is issue
  11. i always backup files before any install doesnt matter what it is for
  12. I can confirm my pc did this which was a pain in ass as I was working on something files
  13. Insufficient fuel appears normally when the reserve fuel is higher then the fuel u have ie flight plan has 80000kg reserve fuel is 12.4 and predicted to land with 5000 meaning ur landing below reserve so change the reserve figure to a lower and will remove the message
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