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  1. balis323

    Anyone ever use the Abacus USS Gerald Ford?

    Wow... I used to love that DOS program and loved Fleet Defender... . The mad cats aircraft did look awesome... I heard the same about the flight models
  2. balis323

    HUD Fades in Heavy Clouds

    F-14a or b? the "b" is tricky for me at times with horizontal line where I he glass combines... ill look tonight to see if it does this on mine.... but I can't recall this problem...
  3. balis323

    Low visibility landings

    Speaking of complicated task... make sure weather is favorable for first practice attempts... i.e. No winds or make sure you are into the wind (actually lower ground speeds are good)... plus I give ship "forward" on shift-j menu or 30 KTS via tackpak interface
  4. balis323

    Low visibility landings

    OBTW... sounds like you had it configured already... in right canted console make sure LDG, AWL/PA , and NAV set for HSI... I also use newer HUD regardless of model. (Even with the few successful ACLS traps I've had... I have never seen the 10sec light illuminate for ship ACLS or land based ILS) Just to confuse you even more... the HSI doesn't pick up the ILS just VDI and HUD for shore based ILS... I mention only because I practice of coast out of KSAN... I CQ often in nasty weather at night and come back to shoot ILS after aerial refueling and intercepting a Drone, Flanker, Bear, or 737.
  5. balis323

    Low visibility landings

    Hmmm... after takeoff I.e not behind the boat? First let me say that according to actual F-14 crews I've spoken with... and my experience working on A-6Es (another Grumman bird) the auoland/auto pilot systems weren't all that great. Second... we've discussed at length in other posts on this forum... with that said... don't feel bad... it's difficult to get set up correctly and even then there is no guarantee it will get you aboard... First I would start with making sure you are about 10nm from back if ship... use the carrier alignment GUI CTL-A to get on the proper course next make sure speed is below 220kts and gear, flaps (max), speed brakes out, hook down, and DLC engaged then get trimmed at AOA speed (learn throttle RPM %s... remember to be below max trap weight too)... (plus auto throttle has to be active... but more on that later) you might want to start out at 15 miles because 10 miles will start to not be enough when you are that busy... course line up and alt are crucial and the tolerance threshold only gets tighter and more difficult the closer you get to the ship... then you have to get the autopilot functions sequence correct at the right time... from memory ctl-a for auto land... I.e the alignment GUI... , auto throttle,then autopilot engaged, then shift-g... (I've assigned to joystick buttons.. with LUA scripts) becareful which videos you watch because there were mistakes in some of the videos... in one I think they forget to lower the flaps... hope this helps... OBTW I only ever got an auto landing with the Aerosoft provided carrier... none of the others... and after dozens of attempts only a handful of successful traps... most times I hand fly... if fatigued I'll use aut throttle until out of burrble and then hand fly (you can overide auto throttle with throttle movements) bottom line is... not an easy task... don't feel bad... your not alone... good luck... try not to get to frustrated... and update when (and if) you have a breakthrough...
  6. balis323

    F-14 trouble

    Let me look to see if I can find a good FSUIPC.... you tube title below... let me know if this sheds light on it (not all caps to yell... just cut and paste from YouTube ) HOW TO USE FSUIPC FOR FSX
  7. balis323

    F-14 trouble

    Sorry for spelling and other errors... typing on smart phone in morning before coffee...
  8. balis323

    F-14 trouble

    On 2D checklist... its shift-2... but should pop up automatically once flight starts.... since you have TACPAK read wiki on their carrier ops... different from AI carriers but all available from drop down menus once in sim
  9. balis323

    F-14 trouble

    I can understand your frustration... you have some questions that could require some lengthy answers... since you are familiar with DCS, you will probably have a smaller learning curve. If if you haven't figured out by now... you probably have a good weekend worth of work to get you up and running (something I figured out with DCS... which I have had for over a year with nothing more than the first A-10C tutorial under my belt) For carries in free flight... you will need AI carriers or them. Once they are installed you can try VLSO. (VLSOblogspot) Joystick setup isnt isn't really hard ... just a bit different from DCS... you should probably look for videos on FSUPIC... one counter intuitive FSX you have to disable controls on the default FSX GUI... a little check box on bottom of default FSX controls GUI... the FSUPIC interface isn't available until in an aircraft with the sim running... then you access it from a drop down menu from top of screen. Once in FSUPIC... kind of reminds me of the configuration editor from Team Super Hornet... if your familiar with it. Then study the manuals... once your sim and joystick are where you want... then you can enjoy a well done aircraft... think of it as training for the release of Leather Neck simulation's F-14 for DCS... or if like me you will probably just wait for its release.. Again look for YouTube videos and look through forums to hopefully save you time... i have been a long time Flight Sim user so I have evolved with it and know the program pretty well... I also use X-Plane... I was a Flanker Fan from back in the day... but just to many layouts to learn... I will probably jump to DCS once they have a hornet and tomcat.... and the carrier ops mature... hope you get get up and running soon.. I surely understand your frustration...: i will I'll check back to see how you make out
  10. balis323

    Aerosoft - F-14 Extended for FSX steam edition/BUG

    Yeah... check NWS... I have mapped a toggle switch on the throttle (for AP... in air) for shift-g... there's a lot be aware of with this product ... I would also search the forums and look for YouTube videos... the NovaSim review covers a lot... I've been simming since 1980s... this is one of my favorite aircraft
  11. balis323

    ACL AP / Autothrottle looses control + other problems

    OBTW.... TACPAC spawned carriers might not work... I added the Kitty Hawk and made the TACAN and ILS frequencies 109.00 and no luck... plus I think you can edit the angle of approach... which they do in real life... I had VLSO off... love it but the burble effect seems to affect ACLS... with that said... I'm not 100% sure I have the Kitty Hawk configured the way I want... not sure if there something I need to do for the Aerosoft IFOLS... i might be confusing this with the add on Enterprise... Big E... there is a lot of configuration file edits and choices for IFOLS etc....
  12. balis323

    ACL AP / Autothrottle looses control + other problems

    Awesome... when you say spoilers you mean DLC? Which are spoilers... semantics... just want make sure we are talking same same.... the fixed missions might be effected by winds... are you talking the pre packaged flights /missions or the carriers floating around at pre arranged points during free flight? I'm not positive because I rarely use them... unless when setting up a TACAN... I notice a range pop up on the HUD if it happens to be in the vicinity of my aircraft I might just land to it. But I don't think the carriers automatically adjust course for whatever weather that I have in... not sure about weather in the provided flights... only used once... cold and dark start in Persian Gulf. Normally I use the Shift J for AI carriers.... to add the CVN 63...I think you need to add the kitty hawk via the configuration file in AI carriers.... depending on on the aircraft or carrier... you might have to edit configuration files for them... it can get laborious and easy to make a mistake (always backup a file first before editing... save as a different name first) ironic that something like an automated approach could be so difficult to have it execute... but it was not so different in the real tomcat... I worked on the A-6E (Grumman bird too) and the crews didn't like the ACLS or APC (approach power compensator... AKA auto throttle)... but hornet crews loved it... USMC squadron almost always used it. i would like to see delta flight path AKA magic carpet modeled kind of the same concept as DLC but built into the OFP are algorithms for integrated lift control into the flaps... they did this first with the F-35c (I think) and then went back and put it on the F/A-18E and F.... maybe T-45c too???? let me know how you make out with your ACLS in the future....
  13. balis323

    ACL AP / Autothrottle looses control + other problems

    Ok.... test complete and by no means the final word... but hope this helps I agree with miroslavmurin ACLS works pretty good... but... it only worked good for me with the Kitty Hawk (for this test 12KT winds and carrier at Full Ahead). I shot 5 ACLS to the Kitty Hawk and it trapped 3 out of 5 with various cable grabs (1,2,2) Using the Nimitz or Enterprise I got good indications in cockpit but always missed the wires... I flew 6 ACLS approaches and no trap... I then tried using VRS AI Carrier (both Kitty Hawk and Nimitz) TACAN and ILS Freqs matched.... tried different variations including Kitty Hawk with 109.00 for both... and flew over the wires. Never saw "10 Seconds" illuminate (ship or Shore ILS). I didn't mess with VLSO and I used some and I had two successful ACLS traps with DLC and one without... always had Flaps Full, Speed Brake OUT... Bottom line... if I use the Kitty Hawk with ACLS I get expected results.... Anyone have any different luck with other boats? Fun... but a lot of work.... I rather Mode II it with Auto Throttle to 1.0 to .7 NM and then hand fly it to deck (for Night and IMC) I recommend a checklist and a note book... at first I was losing my mind... aircraft was flying like crap and all over the place... thought I had a joystick issue... it turned out to be a flight plan that I loaded... it had the waypoints I wanted for my GPS but I had the weather set to impossible IMC with lots of shear and turbulence... an aircraft checklist isn't all you need... a little attention to the sim Configuration Management (CM) goes a long way.... What is wrong with us.... this isn't a typical pastime!
  14. balis323

    ACL AP / Autothrottle looses control + other problems

    Ok... getting ready to conduct some ACLS tests today... before I fly I watched a couple of videos and went through the manuals again... here are some things I noted: 1. Volume 4 has the Kitty Hawk TACAN at 112.10... and Volume 5 has it at 109.0 (what I've been using). 2. I have watched the ACLS videos I could find and I saw the following: A. I never see DLC on... (nor does the VOL 4 call for it) B. I saw one successful ACLS trap with no Flaps (surprised it worked) C. The videos had winds (so I will have winds in for my tests today... and only use the Kitty Hawk). D. I will keep VLSO software off.. I suspect now that maybe Deck Burble Effect might be causing the F-14 floating and missed approaches that I have been experiencing (?) E. I never saw the 10 Second light come "on" on any video that I watched (I don't recall seeing it in the 2 successful ACLS approaches that I have done in the past)... NATOPS says this: "During ACL, indicates ships motion is added to glide path information and D/L commands. For other modes indicates 10 seconds or less before any action indicates for an arrival at a specific point in the approach path." F. Video used F-1B (I will be using the A+ Block 110). 3. I also reviewed the procedure in the F-14B NATOPS (see attached image)... and it calls for DLC. I will report back after the flights and see if this helps us figure what is causing some the ACLS issues some of us have been experiencing... MTF
  15. balis323

    ACL AP / Autothrottle looses control + other problems

    Ya... seems it either works pretty good... or not so good... from other posts I've read.... on my system the approachs look good... but I don't see the seconds to touchdown light up... I never payed it too much attention because I'm always in a time crunch... so I qual and get to the honey do list....