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    Good livery with good quality of textures
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    Good paint. However, the readme includes too much code in the copy/paste section: it includes the top part of the regular of the aircraft.cfg, the first part of [GENERAL]. Anyone paying attention would notice this, but it could lead to a person less experience pasting the whole thing into their aircraft.cfg and having things not work. [fltsim.x] title =Aerosoft DHC-6 Series 300 VH-HPT sim =DHC-6.300.W model =3bladewheelPAX panel = sound = texture =JK_VH-HPT kb_checklists = kb_reference = atc_id =VH-HPT atc_parking_types =RAMP ui_manufacturer ="de Havilland Canada" ui_type ="DHC-6-300 Wheels" ui_variation ="VH-HPT Australian Army" ui_typerole ="Twin Engine TurboProp" ui_createdby ="JAN KEES BLOM" [GENERAL] atc_type = DeHavilland atc_model = DHC6 performance = category = airplane
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    Really amazing repaint by Holgi, (as always)
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    Hi. This is the best and most detailed Austrian Livery you can get for the A320. BUT!!! I have a strange Graphic issue at the Tail section. 2016-3-14_18-57-7-480.bmp
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    I don't get how you install it although I have read the readme
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    Thanks for creating this livery. I love Avianca and their Airbus fleet.
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