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    Very good. Waiting for other planes of Nordica!
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    Well done Kuba! 100% LOT Nordica CRJ900
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    Hi capt fofo ! Great job, Captain ! I'm from "Madeira island". I've got all the Jest's Go textures and would like to have one matching more the "paradise flower" colors of the island (blue, red, yellow and white subtile touch colors)... As a special livery for the community ? I know captain, it's a lot to expect from you, but I haven't seen nothing closer than yours around the web. So if you can assume this challenge for the "Maderian" FSX/P3D simulator pilot I am... you 'll be welcome.. Thanks ! Jjbaerosoft
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    Dude you are very talented! Hope you`ll do in a hurry an ACJ! Please!!! Hermano, eres muy talentoso, espero que hagas pronto un ACJ! Viva Venezuela!!!
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    No funciona se ve la cabina negra y afuera es invisible
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    Awesome Livery thanks for sharing!! Installs fine using the Aerosoft Livery Manager.
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    wonderfull, but in Prepar3d i cant see hi resolution ....gauges are blurrie ....;((
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    Unfortunately this is the bad model to use for this repaint, a CRJ900 would be more appropriate. This mistake seems to be reoccurring across the community Jazz Aviation Lp, uses CRJ705 (basicly the body of a CRJ900) and they've recently purchased the CRJ900 itself.