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    Excelente mi pana. Ojala te pongas creativo y hagas ficticios de lineas venezolanas. Saludos
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    preciosa pero podrias ponerla hd pls
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    Superb rendition of this aircraft livery. Highly recommended. Beautiful textures, looks really great. Seen here with GSX ground crew at Gold Coast Airport (YBCG) Australia.
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    Amazing Livery! Installed succesfully! Very Accurate to!
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    It doesn't seem to work for me, I don't know why. I don't get the livery variation in fsx. If someone can, please help.
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    To people experiencing odd livery glitches... this is not the fault of the creator! It doesn't really leave a good reason to give them one star on a livery that probably took a while to create! Other than that, I really like this one, especially since I fly United most of the time.
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    Download fehlerhaft ! Lässt sich nicht laden.
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    Download fehlerhaft ... lässt sich nicht laden
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    Complicated installation. I don't get why you need to drop in new textures in every single new repaint you install. The textures look nice and resemble and older A320 nicely, but are not very user friendly...
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    El avion no se ve por fuera ayuda muchas gracias no se hablar ingles xddd
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    Unfortunately this is the bad model to use for this repaint, a CRJ900 would be more appropriate. This mistake seems to be reoccurring across the community Jazz Aviation Lp, uses CRJ705 (basicly the body of a CRJ900) and they've recently purchased the CRJ900 itself.