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Metric to Imperial


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Hi guys,

     I fly a real ASK21 on a regular basis and find this FSX model to be much like the real thing.  I *am* impressed.  I do have one question however.  The manual says it's easy to change a metric altimeter to an instrument US Standard calibration.  

From Page 8 in the PDF manual:

"The altimeter is rather standard and like the Airspeed indicator can be switched between metric and US settings. The gauge will automatically show the correct bitmap. Make sure you set the correct QFE before take-off. As the C4 Competition works independently from this gauge you could set QFE in this gauge and QNH in the C-4."

 I'm accustomed to feet when it comes to above ground level (AGL).  The model of ASK-21 with the "N" number seems to switch from imperial to metric on its own. This morning it was showing a field altitude of 334 feet MSL.  When I opened the canopy the altimeter changed to metric showing just a bit over 100 meters and stayed that way.  Strange to say the least.  

How does one change the type of measurement (Metric-US Standard) on the altimeter or any other instrument?

John Hettish


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