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DR400 P Factor / Dihedral


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Hello there!

Just doing a little research.

I'd like to buy the Aerosoft DR400, as I fly the aircraft in the real world. A friend has demo-ed it to me, and it's a very faithful rendition.

I did notice the the need for right rudder on full power takeoff and climb, which is perfect - however this continued into cruise, with power at 2300rpm. Normally, this AC is trimmed for cruise, at least - the ones I fly are.

Which led me to this: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/64700-left-turning-tendancies-of-dr400/, and I noticed that "dth" was gently pointing out the same issue on 11th Feb 2013 - 1734

"Regarding the left tendency I can tell you, that the Robin needs a good portion of right foot at start, less at climb and none at cruise"

I carried on reading, and notice you've released a patch to remove the tendency altogether - which is useful, however... is there any middle ground on keeping the tendency at take off and climb, with no rudder input required at cruise / 2300rpm?

I did read Joachim's reply about the rudder trimtab - and that makes sense.

Did the "much reduced left turning Robin" ever arrive?

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards,

Mike Freeman

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Hi Mike,

just do not install the patch and fly the modern looking Robin in the package. (HB-KBR)

It should represent the flight characteristics you're searching for.

Info: After a complete technical overhaul of the reference plane, it flies straight in cruise now since late 2013, however the model represents the behaviour of the "old D-EVEM". Just belive me, it was the same as in the simulator. Right foot, left aileron...

Bests, Joachim

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