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AES and Majestic Q400


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Hey all,

it's not an unknown issue that Majestics Q400 and AES are not well compatible. Unfortunately I didn't found a solution for my particular problem, yet. When I'm arriving on a gate at one of the Airports where I have activated AES the Marshaller starts walking towards the aircraft when I'm only half way within the parking position, rather than guiding me until I'm in exact position. Also when approaching a stand with an electronic guide in system I he appears at the same position. Is there any experience with this issue and a way to fix it.

I had a shot on it by deleting the i........cfg (whatever the excat name is) in Maqestic Q400s aircraft folder, but this resulted in an ugly error message which tells me "your aircraft is not configured" everytime I land on an AES airport -annoying. Does somebody also know how to get rid of that?

Thanks for your help


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The intelliscene.cfg file contains aircraft-specific data, like positions of doors etc.

You should get hold of a copy of that for the Q400 and copy it to the mjc8q400 -folder (or hopefully recover it from your backups).

The problem of the marshaller walking straight into the turning propellers and getting chopped up there is due to the fact that the Majestic Q400 is completely controlled by a module outside of FSX, i.e. the Majestic software uses FSX as a disply engine while the simulation runs as a standalone module. Therefore interaction between plane and FSX is non-standard, and AES cannot recognize the state the plane is in, other than its position.

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Thanks for your help.

Okay, so there is obviously no chance to run those both add-ons in combination. Is there a way to completely disable AES for this particular aircraft, so there is no Marshaller and so on but also no error message (yellow configuration warning) at touchdown as well?

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