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Steering wheel problems

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Hi guys

i am having a problem playing omsi/omsi 2/cbs/bbcs on my pc due to my steering wheel not working.

My wheel is a 458 italia, which had microsoft xbox drivers. Bccs and cbs would not recognise the wheel, so i could not set combined pedals. omsi and omsi 2 did and i played... Alot.

i decided to use xbcd drivers to split the axis on the wheel. this worked but since then i cannot play anything. Omsi/2 will recgnise the wheel, but not recnise input. therefore i cannot set it up iether. cbs/bccs still dont recgnise the wheel, but have seperate axis mapped for throttle/brake. In omsi i cannot do anything, and in bccs/CBS i can do nothing. in bccs i can map the buttons/axis but no response.

All of the axis and buttons are working in windows game controllers

am i missing something here

any help is appreciated, the lack of bus driving is making feel like when i was quiting smoking.



thustmaster 458 italia

windows 8.1

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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