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FIRs boundary/data Updates

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PFPX's FIRs data is already becoming outdated and unfortunately it's not part of the available AIRAC cycles. I have just asked Navigraph if they would be able to provide the needed data on this thread (readable only by registered users). It would be nice if FlightSimSoft would also get in touch with them (and even with Aerosoft) trying to push forward a feasible solution.

In the meantime I've been "wasting" some of my spare time by retriving from the appropriate AIS publications FIRs data and updating them through "manual input".

So far I have redone the Brazilian Airspace, updated the Jeddah-Bahrain (OEJD-OBBI) boundaries, Almaty-Astana (UAAA-UACC), renamed SOOO to Cayenne, enlarged Samara (UWWW), Krasnoyarsk (UNKL) and others inside the Russian airspace.

If FlightSimSoft doesn't mind, once I'm done I will be more that willing to share the update as a temporary solution while waiting for an official update.

Some pics




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While we wait for an official answer from FlightSimSoft and Navigraph about a possibile update I can tell you that all the FIR data is stored inside a text file named FIR.dat and located in the PFPX program folder.

The file can be easily modified (even with Notepad) but generally it's really a matter of collecting data and paste it in the right format. I wouldn't even suggest you to start your own project since if FlightSimSoft will give their approval I'll share the update.

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The update has been completed and as promised in my previous post I will be more than happy to share it. But before release I just want to make sure to get FlightSimSoft's approval. I will file a ticket and let you know ASAP about the outcome.

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