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Still getting no weather

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I just saw the post about the servers being back up but i'm still having the issue of no weather being provided. I keep getting "No Wind Data". The weather indicator is constantly saying updating but nothing,..

Any thoughts ?

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I just ran a EWRHKG B777 and got full winds aloft...

******************** W I N D S U M M A R Y *********************
WPT FL300 FL320 FL340 FL360
CAM 29010M35P09 27017M40P09 27023M44P08 27027M50P07
PLB 28016M36P08 27021M41P07 27026M46P06 27028M51P05
VANSI 27052M38P07 27055M43P05 27058M48P04 27062M52P04
GW 28072M44P01 28077M47P01 28082M51P02 28076M51P05
RADAT 31059M48M04 31060M51M02 31061M53M00 31057M51P06
090A 32056M49M04 32057M51M03 32058M54M01 32053M52P05
100L 30056M48M04 30055M50M02 30053M52M00 30046M50P06
SUTNO 28035M50M05 28034M50M02 28033M51P02 28028M48P08
OMEKA 06034M53M08 05029M54M06 05024M55M03 05018M51P05
ORVIT 10023M52M08 10019M54M05 09016M55M02 08010M51P05

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