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  1. hello, do you data for PFPX and TOPCAT for the Boeing 737CL/NG?


    Thank you



  2. The problem I have with your data is that you'll show the exact same fuel flows for the various types, e.g, all of the B767-300ERs, regardless of power plant, will have the same fuel flows. It appears you only edit the file header information, but not the flows themselves. Granted, I've only checked a few variants, but thats what I found. That's kinda not how it happens in the real world. Granted, would the average simmer know the difference? Probably not. However, for those of us who do know the differences between the various variants, your data will never be in our PFPX installations... I have the data for the B748s and the various flavors of the B787 compiled into PFPX profiles, but I only release it to those whom I know...since its obvious it came from only professional performance tools. The list of profiles I have created is here - http://www.flightsimsoft.com/downloads/PFPX_Aircraft_AddOn_List.pdf
  3. The problem with using the FPPM is that a paper-created profile cant resolve accurately enough, especially in non-ISA conditions. I created a bunch of pfpx profiles using the same professional tools that airlines use (because at my former carrier I did that for a living - created and maintained performance profiles for the flight planning system). I've done that with PFPX with flight profiles I have created using these professional tools, and then compared it against real world flight plans at work, and in some cases, over a very long (12 hours + in duration) flight, PFPX was only a thousand pounds off in terms of fuel required. The flight time was dead on accurate. Maybe your plans are accurate enough for MSFS (since who knows how accurate the flight models in that are compared to the real world), but for PSX, I contend that they are too inaccurate.
  4. No, I will not even try, it looks too much like Lido (I hate Lido)
  5. dougsnow


    Version 1.0


    United Airlines Unimatic Flight Plan Format for the FPF (Flight Plan Forecast) Includes both ETOPS as well as Decompression layouts for the B747-400 for overwater decompression. Does not include Redispatch, that will be in a separate format.
  6. dougsnow


    Version 1.1


    Hybrid NWA Flight Plan. Includes redispatch, ETOPS. Out of all my formats, the one I am the happiest with.
  7. dougsnow


    Version 1.0


    TWA flight plan with ETOPS and redispatch.
  8. dougsnow


    Version 1.0


    American Airlines dispatch release with redispatch.
  9. dougsnow


    Version 1.0


    Trans World Airlines flight plan format, non-redispatch.
  10. dougsnow


    Version 1.0


    American Airlines Straight-Release flight plan. Does not include a redispatch, but includes ETOPS.
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