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Jesper L.

Error making a MADDOG2010 FP

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Hi all

When I export a FP for MADDOG2010 it can not be loaded. Get the first waypoint then ERROR on FMC screen.

Had a look at the .mdr file and compared to older I have. Looks like there is way to many digits on the position up to 9 after the dot. On all other FP there is 6.

Need some help here.

Also I noticed that average wind is not shown on the final FP and ISA DEV. This is almost always needed for the FMC when programming the flight? Could that be added to would really be great.

See the AVG WIND COMP is there and this is also good for some aircraft, but would be great with the others to.

My last is CI (cost index) This is also always shown on the FP. Any change for a feature like this to?

Thanks for a great package I really like the program and all the features you have created for us.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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