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x plane ATR climb and cruise


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I just wondered if anyone has a problem with climb speed and cruise speed?

Im finding the ATR climbs ok up to aprox 10000feet then almost stops climbing.

I usualy set climb speed to 160 / 170 knots , get to 10000 feet and speed just drops.

i also find when i eventually get to crz level the max crz speed i can get is 190 knots.

Is this correct?

example i did a flight today from EGPC wick to EIKY kerry, a distance of aprox 460 miles, the flight plane said aprox 1 hr 44 min flight time for the ATR.

It took me 3 hrs 24 min and it would have been longer but i had to use 2 x ground speed in x plane as i was running out of time.

Am i doing something wrong?

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It depends very much on the load and on the weather conditions, not only winds, but specially temperature. The ATR 72 is known for having a "bad" performance in hot conditions. The climb rates are, of course, very low compared to a turbofan. I have made a post a while ago about this topic, where I pasted an interesting description of the normal take off and climb made by a real ATR captain I once asked about this same "issue". His conclusion was that the climb rates where accurate.

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