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Keith Talbot

Air Jamaica Texture JMV Air Jamaica EXPRESS

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File Name: Air Jamaica Texture JMV Air Jamaica EXPRESS

File Submitter: Keith Talbot

File Submitted: 08 Jul 2013

File Category: Twin Otter Extended repaints

This is a repaint for the Aerosoft Twin otter Extended Credit go's out to Peter Rowntree for his time and patience's, This Twin otter repaint represents the Twin otter that flew out of Kingston Jamaica for Air Jamaica EXPRESS
Please add the following text to your aircraft.cfg after the last flightsim number and change the x to the next number in the sequence. The aircraft.cfg file can be found located in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_DHC6_300 WHEEL folder.

Paste the tecture folder in the same folder

title=Aerosoft DHC-6 Series 300 Wheels Air Jamaica JMV
ui_manufacturer=de Havilland Canada
ui_type=DHC-6-300 Wheels
ui_variation="Air Jamaica Express JMV"
ui_typerole=Twin Engine TurboProp
atc_airline=Air Jamaica Express

If you are intrested in joining a virtual airline dedicated to the caribean and the states. Please have a look at this website and feel free to browes

Click here to download this file

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