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ZIP for PRO-ATC-X is missing !

Otto Groschenbügel

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Purchased PRO-ATC-X today, installed it. Then openend NavDataPro, found the "Pointsoft PRO-ATC/X entry with the correct path. Cycle: installed (v.1304 R.1, backup (not found)

So I tried to update this Data. Got an error message:

ERROR: File not found PRO-ATC-X.zip

Installation failed Pointsoft PRO-ATC/X

it seems that NavDataPro failed to place this ZIP into the

...:\Aerosoft NAVDATAPRO\NavDataPro\downloads\NavDataProCycle

folder. There were files for 3 other programs that have been updated by NavdataPro without problems.

So there seems to be an issue with PRO ATC. Please get it fixed !


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Problem is your end. Nav Pro installed fine into PATC-X for me. Check folder permissions and make sure UAC is off.Make sur you have set the correct path in Nav Pro for PATCX

Maybe it's my end. But I don't think it's Pro ATCs fault. UAC is off, folders have all permissions and the path is set as I already mentioned in my post.

Once again:

NavPro did not succeed to download the ZIP for PRO-ATC from the Aerosoft folders, as it did with 3 ZIPs for other Prepar3d/FSX addons.

I bypassed this problem by looking into the ZIP files I already had and found that inside the ZIP for FlightSim Commander was AIRAC data. So I copied that zip, renamed the copy to PRO-ATC-X.zip, placed it back into ..:\Aerosoft NAVDATAPRO\NavDataPro\downloads\NavDataProCycle. Then I was finally able to install that data with NavPro into PRO-ATC. Then imported that AIRAC data in PRO-ATC. SUCCESS !!!

But that's no solution for somebody that doesn't have an adequate ZIP-file !

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