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Flaps problem


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Have the Robin installed under Win 8 and P3D. The only problem I have is that the flaps are not working. Either commended by joystick, function F keys or mouse.

Note that the flaps are working with other add-on acft such as qwsim.

Any idea or solution to propose ?

Krgds Didier

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No, not yet.

The flaps are pure standard and there is nothing in between which could block the function in any way.

Are you sure they do not work, or don't you hear them? They are hardly audible.

Bests, Joachim

I can see the click on the lever. I also hear the sound. But if I go to see the plane from exterior, they are not set. Have tried in flight too, no effects.

May be it's something with win 8 not P3D.

RGDS Didier

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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