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CTD at EDDF (again)

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Hey there!

I've been using EDDF with no problems since Christmas. However, I've mostly done departures from there, not arrivals into EDDF.

Could I please reference this post that I made a while back:


My reinstall fixed the problem. However, I've just been flying over from Charlotte today, and, as I hit the 30-mile "barrier," I got another CTD with module "unknown." I retried the saved flight with the same results.

I am thinking there must be a problem with the installer somewhere, as I have seen a few other reports of this, and it can't be coincidence that it happens to me twice!

Thanks for any support here. I otherwise love EDDF.

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Hello Tom,

Can you send me a saved flight in the default 737 a minute or so from the area it causes the CTD have the heading etc set in the AP so I can just let it fly straight into the area so I can test it on my system.

Send the flight situation to shaunaerosoft@aol.com please.

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