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Xplane-10 Beta 10.10 is out!


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Never update your stable version with a beta, but always test a new release with a demo or with a copy of your X-Plane folder, or backup first. X-Plane 10.10 Beta 1 brings a lot new features, and Beta 2 is coming soon:


Ben said, it's for the "brave and foolish":


Now a tip: you can download 10.10 on a demo and use the new oil rig on your stable 10.05 version. You only have to copy some files from "Resources/default scenery/sim objects/dynamic".

X-Plane 10.10's new oil rig by Khamsin + Jason Chandler's Bell 430 = Amazing simulator !!! B)

OR01-th.jpg OR02-th.jpg OR03-th.jpg OR04-th.jpg

Happy flying ! :cool3_s:

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