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Shaun Fletcher

Airport Keflavik for X-Plane 10 released!

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It will be no surprise to you that we like X-Plane 10 Global a lot. It's not yet as complete as FSX/P3D but there is a lot to love and a lot is being worked on every single day. It's a living simulator and we feel that is very important. So we are happy to release a detailed airport for the simulator, Airport Kevlavik. It's a spin-off from the FSX version and actually looks a bit better than its cousins. This add-on will install on PC, Mac and Linux machines and comes at the sweet price of 15 euro (plus tax when applicable).

Links: [Product page]




More screenshots.

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:D Awesome add-on ! I bought it yesterday and I love this scenery. Before buying it, I worried about the performance on my Core 2 / 8800GT system, but it's excellent although it's a spin-off from a MSFS scenery.

I noticed some issues with the roads around the airport. Sometimes they are not aligned with the ground texture, and sometimes you can even find buildings above the streets:





I went to OpenStreetMap and found the reason:


I also noticed that some large buildings are missing (even when I set objects and airport details to "extreme"):


I hope a future update will correct this. ;)

Happy flying. B)

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Hi! Thank you for this fine scenery! Are you planning update Keflaik airport with TaxiLayout and other ATC features when WED 1.2 will be released?

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Sorry for delay max_mts.

Yes, we plan to update Keflavik scenery after we'll finish Prague Airport.

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Thanks for your answer! I glad to hear this. But... news about Prague too much interested. I love this city and i dont hear about this project before. I will looking forward for Prague Airport scenery.

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