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Catalina review


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I don't understand this review.


I am not a real world pilot but have played around with many payware in FSX and especially the Catalina. I would have to say that right now it is one of my favs.

Take-off, in flight and both landing on land and water is very enjoyable. I have not had any problems myself. Flight dynamics seem pretty awesome. I have my realism settings all maxed though I don't know if I should with this aircraft but pretty much all my VAFS flights are from -8 to -120 so I am pretty happy with it.

Only problem I have had is with the config. I have not been able to work the 'save' feature but I may not be understanding what exactly it does. No matter what I check after a flight or before and that with the config and the FSX save always opens semi-cold and dark.

But not really a problem to me as I always just click the cold and dark anyway.

OK, wasted enough of your time.

Just wanted to share my opinion.

I think the reviewer either didn't know what they were doing or maybe got a bad install.

Thanks Aerosoft for a great aircraft.

Do wish I could log into updates though. Even had a new password sent, and still after several attempts page states not registered though I have already gotten updates for it and the Twotter.

Any new aircraft along these lines coming up?

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Though reviews, perfectly seen, should be objective, they will always tend to show the reviewers own opinion.

I don´t know how knowldegable this reviewer is, but he seems to have some difficulties with the Catalina.

I wonder why so few reviewers contacts the developers if they have problems, most often we are more than willing to answer questions.

Saving and loading should work if selecting the the relevant options on the checklist gauge.

Try to register Your Catalina on the update page and look for PBY in the update list.

The Bronco has been done be the same team who did the Catalina. next project from us will a new version of the Twin Otter.


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Hello Mica,

I'll also add to what Finn has said that a lot of folks do reviews the instance a product is released, as we all know and if we dont we should learn this pretty quick that not everyhing in this world is perfect when its first released software wise. So you see the verdict on this review in areas is now not correct as all the updates would now be included in the latest installer, so someone reading that review would get the impression that the product requires this to happen..

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