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AES 2.14/2.20 FSDreamteam Zurich X Version 2.5 update

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FSDreamteam has released Zurich X Version 2.5 for FS9 and FSX, here you find the files to use this Version with AES

- Please take care, that you download the correct File for the AES Version you use.

- Extract the File to the <FS>\Aerosoft\AES Directory and replace the older Files in the Subfolders

- Start AESHelp and press the "Repair/Resync" Button below the Airport list

Here the files related to the used AES Version (older AES Versions please update first to AES 2.14

AES 2.14 ONLY:

Note: In FSX all and in FS9 at the Terminal B, the secondary Jetways could not be animated by AES, because the Scenery included Jetways could not be excluded.

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Dear Christmas Simmer

Some simmer reported Jetways and other small are parts miss-placed at new Dock B. (not connected to the building on the north-west side)

I could solve this problem as follows:

In addition to the uninstall of ZurichX I had to delete the remaining old folder of ZurichX located in the FSX/FSdreamteam folder

finally it was a proper re-install. Overwriting the new 2.5 over 2.0 did not work properly.

But I did not install the specific AES file called AESA_LSZH_FDT.bgl into the AES folder. Probably Oliver will take care about this problem.

Have a nice christmas and regards from Switzerland Roger

Hallo Patrik und Threadteilnehmer (

Es ist eindeutig, das Problem der falschen Jetways und Einparkhilfen wird durch die AES .bgl verursacht. Egal oben Version 2.14 oder 2.2

nähmlich AESA_LSZH_FDT.bgl. Lösche ich diese, ist das Problem gelöst.

Habs doch jetzt 5 x durchgespielt.

Hoffe , dass der Oliver hier im Forum das aufnimmt.

Wir haben doch auch noch Weihnachten !!

Gruess Roger


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Hello, I tried to download the file 2.10D and I did, but when I try to unzip it, it says it can't because the file is empty or better the folder? Any idea? Thanks.

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