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canopy black issue solved

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hi guys..

i have solved my problem..

like i sayd it have nothing to do with my vid card.

it have to do with fsx and planes that have converted to fsx..

fsx use a differant style of alpha channel..

there are more folks on the internet with the same problem in every kind of addon.

old screenshot http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/1934/vcpitdiscusx.jpg

new screenshot after edit alpha channel.http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/560/aftereditvcpit.jpg/

what i did was using a free program called DXTBmp

edit the export the alpha channel to ms paint.. change it to a darker grey..

save it as bmp. 256 x 256 .

import it in dxtbmp apply to image . save it

and see the results..

the files i have changed are refl.dds refl_bump.dds and refl_specular.dds

i have downloaded the patch for less reflection..

that are the files i have mod

because they did no succes.. for my pc.

so what i changed is downloaded the update/patch or user file.. on this forum from


in a topic about canopy reflection.

that i have past in my texture map. <texture.LC>

started fsx ..no visible changes for me<my vid/pc/software>

so i changed those files again with a darker grey alpha channel.

now i got normale view.. only the places where the reflection of my seat and seatbelts are is now without any texture/alpha channel..

i can simply fix that by changing the refl files completly, by simply remove the seatbelts and the seat completly out those refl.dss files. by means no reflection at all..

then my glider is no more a IRF trainer.

sorry J.Schweigler if u are feeling attacked by my last forum topic.. that was not my intention

i was just frustrated about the view..

besides that one render issue i still think this glider flys like a dream.. even on my system..

so i wanna thx u J.Schweigler and u crew for this beautifull and fine peace of work..

and J.schweigler.. illegal or not but in my country its illegale to sell items that are not working properly with in the requirement on the package<system requirement u self created>.. but i don't upload any of my changed files to anybody its only for me myself and i .

i dont want to argu about it. i only want to fly from inside view.. and now i can fully enjoy your plane..

so why be mad.. beter to have a happy customer;) and with this small and simple change..

i dont see the deal of it why u are mad about it..

so thanx again for this great addon. chears!!

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Again, I want to say, that the glider works with the minimum system requirements on a clean FSX installation with SP2 or Acc. It is definitely not my fault, that it doesn't on your system.

As you can see on your instrument glass as well, your PC and or FSX has serious problems with transparency.

The transparency in the discus is fully SDK SP2 conform, and this is NO CONVERTED plane!

It was made for FSX SP2 from scratch!

I still say, your system, or your FSX installation is the problem.

Best regards, Joachim

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