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A320 X Checklist for FSX

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Can anyone organise to convert J Van E's "Airbus X procedure and checklist 1_2.pdf" file into the native FSX format so we can utilise it within FSX. ie: we can copy it into the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE and CFM folders, and enter it into the Aircraft.cfg file under - "kb_checklists".

Just makes it so much simpler to view whilst within FSX. I like JVE's format as it is relatively easy to read, but it's a pain in pdf format. I believe FSX is using "html" format.

NB: it needs to keep it's pdf format integrity as this makes it easy to decipher and follow.

At the moment, by default it seems I have a checklist I can open within FSX (presumably by Aerosoft) but it is in German not English. (Titled "AirbusA321_check" and "AirbusA321_ref").



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