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Engines and Autothrottle


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so i finally got the airbus x... first look::wub:

first flight::angry:

i've got a little list which shows some problems and some things that might be done:

1) As you already know from the FAQs the engines are underpowered, but the E/WD still shows a necessary trust which is far behind what the engines can do, so why not correct it?

(when you don't want to give more trust to the enignes, then why don't correct the numbers showen (the ones which show how much trust you should use))

2) when i land the airbus the fly by wire seems to disappear when going under 100ft AGL. Is that normal (in the real airbus too)?

3) When i make an Climb (the PFD says CLB) and when i reach the speed i wanna fly with, then the A/T takes the Trottles slowly back so that i'm loosing the whole trust at the climb and then the airbus starts a descent,

because it still wants to maintain the speed. How can i avoid this without turning off the A/T?

4) The airbusses FMC always wants to fly with speed 0 when i'm in managed mode, so what's wrong with that? (I have inserted all data which is necessary to let the airbus calculate the target speed: CI&weight,

do i need more?)

5) sometimes in manually flight it happens that the nose goes down without me doing anything at the sidestick. i can't pull it up again untill i turn the autopilot on and off again. when approaching an airport this is a real

problem expecially when i'm only 500ft AGL or even closer to the ground

6) I've found a solution for the problems with the batterys in the airbus. I know some users have complained that they are empty to fast. There's one way to avoid this: When you have connected the GPU, then you

need to turn on the APU but without turning the APU generator to the on position. then the batterys start to load and they don't get empty anylonger. when you turn the apu-generator on then the batterys will also

start to use power again!

Can somebody of the DEV-team please take care on my problems and find a solution for them? Thanks

the thing with the battery may be copied in the FAQs, even if not the real solution for this problem, but at least i got one for that problem



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