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Finding the Super Traffic Board Demo In MyTraffic 2010


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MyTraffic 2010 from Aerosoft includes a demo of Super Traffic Board, the leading utility for displaying and interacting with your AI flights. Unfortunately the icon to launch the demo was missing from both the download and DVD versions. This has been corrected recently in the download version, so recent download customers should have it.

You can start the demo by clicking the Windows Start button, then "All Programs", then "MyTrafficX" and finally you will see "SuperTrafficBoard Demo".

If it is missing from the start menu, here's a little utility that will create it for you. For convenience, the utility creates an icon on the desktop that you can move into the start menu if you wish, or just run it from the desktop. Simply download "FindSTBDemo.zip", unzip and run the exe. Note if you are Windows Vista or Windows 7, and have User Access Controls enabled you will need to run FindStbDemo.exe "as Administrator". This is required as the program needs to find the location of your FSX installation through the Windows registry.


The icon looks like this your desktop:


If you like the demo, you can buy the full product from Aerosoft. Just search the Aerosoft shop for "Super Traffic Board" for further details. Customers who brought MyTraffic from Aerosoft (either download or DVD) will receive a discount when buying Super Traffic Board from Aerosoft.

Any problems, just let me know.



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