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I painted a USAF search and rescue aircraft, and found the right model for it (PBY-5A with small radome), but after I uploaded the update, it suddenly had really big exhausts?





what happened? Can I still find an radome equipped amphibian with small exhausts? Or do I have to reinstall the PBY, and keep the original model in there separately?

And while I am on the subject of update, would it be possible to make a PBY-5A without blisters? My KLM repaint for instance should be without blisters, but now, the only blister-less model is the PBY-6A, and that just doesn't look right, big tail, wrong windows...

Besides, a lot of post-war workhorses had no blisters, so you'd make me real happy...

Even if you don't, still a big thank you for a great model!


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Hi Jankees,

Radome equipped 'fibs all now have the large late type exhaust shrouds. The "norwegian1" model is at least unarmed, I guess that will suit the paint at least. BTW, GREAT PAINT !!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:


mmm, I was afraid of that...that's too bad, why all of them? A lot of radome equipped birds had small exhausts, why not leave us with a choice?

and I need to paint it, where is that exhaust, I mean on which texture?

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