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Yellow text colour


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Hello Oliver,

As many others i'm very happy with AES. :D

But the only thing i dislike, and i think i'm not the only one, is that yellow, almost unreadable, text colour for airports in Demo mode.

I hoped it would be changed in version 2.0 But no...

A dark blue colour would be better.

I hope you'll consider to change it in a next version, or i must be the only one with this problem.

Many thanks in advance,

Ad Ording

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Seriously... how often do you use the airport activation screen that you need user assigned colors? ;)

I find it an irritating colour everytime i have to activate an airport, even when i don't do this every day.

Activating several Japanese airports wasn't easy, there are a lot of them.

Even when i changed the colour/depth of my monitor it was difficult to see if i had activated the right one.

So another colour should be much agreeable.

Regards, Ad

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