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Aes 1.96a Has Made Fsdt Zurich Unusable

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I have installed the update from FSDT to make AES 1.96a compatible and I get an unspecified CTD on approach EVERY, EVERY, EVERY time. I have gone as far as performing a clean install of FS9 and ALL sceneries and AES I can't use LSZH anymore.


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Hello Oli

I have exactly the same problem. I get a CTD everytime when i come near the terminal.

the ctd stay when i deactivate aes!

do you have an idea what is the problem? thanks for your help oli!

Best regards


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When it happens even when AES is disabled, it can only have to do with the FSDT scenery itself.

I think the FSdreamteam guys can help better: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/

Hi Oli

I think it is problem by aes! When I delete the aes foler under aerosoft in fs2004 main files then it seems to work. If the aes folder is in the fs9 structure then the scenery crash.

if firstly copied the files to the fs9 files and then run the setup...

thanks for your help.

best regards


PS: mit fs2004 structure meine ich das fs9 hauptverzeichnis in dem alle dateien gespeichert sind...

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  • Developer


I don't think that AES has a problem, maybe your form of deleting and copy files is the reason. I don't know which files you are copy, but when you will use the normal installation process, you never have to copy files into the FS, just start the installer and AESHelp.

There are 1000th of user outside, never reports crashes like that. So I don't know how to help here.

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Hi Oliver

Unfortunately I have the same problem with FSD Zurich in connection with AES. Every time I start up FS in Zurich (with AES switched on on that airport), I get a CTD g3d.dll. The problem might have the same roots as the CTDs when approaching a certain AES-supported airport in connection with memory allocation.

The CTD doesn't occur if AES is switched off. Work around is - as mentioned in your other g3d.dll-post - to load FS at another AES airport like Frankfurt and then switch back to Zurich. Then it works for me. I will check your testing proposals statet in your other post.

Kind regards


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I use FSDT Zurich very often and always with AS activated.

I never get CTD no matter if I depart or arrive there.

So looks like this problem is specific for your hardware or something in your FS addons configuration.

It is not AES or the scenery itself or their interaction. Must be something else.

Best regards,


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