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  1. I can't get any AI traffic at any of my AS FSX addon airports. I switched from UT to WOAi but still can't get traffic to show up. I've played around with the location of AFCAD files, but nothing seems to make a difference. Has anyone else experienced this? -Greg
  2. I have installed the update from FSDT to make AES 1.96a compatible and I get an unspecified CTD on approach EVERY, EVERY, EVERY time. I have gone as far as performing a clean install of FS9 and ALL sceneries and AES I can't use LSZH anymore. -Greg
  3. Mathijs, Just bought the new PFE and when I boot it up it says I need to install the voice expansion pack, where do I get it? -Greg
  4. Groovy Baby, thanks for the quick response. I was just making sure I was seeing what I was supposed to.
  5. Are the jetways at EDDL supposed to have those huge orange and black banners on them? After fully activating EDDL in AES they are still there.
  6. Call off the dogs! I figured it out. I had to give the maintenance function long enough to fix a faulty transponder. WOW talk about reeeaaalllistic! Sorry for being an idiot.
  7. Marcel, I turned on my e-mail, thanks.
  8. I have tried everything to no avail....still no radio. I can't get the CB for the radio to stay in...what am I doing wrong?
  9. Nope. Tried that. Didn't work. Any more ideas?
  10. No matter what I do with avionics power, default flight settings, or control assignments I CANNOT get the COMM and XPNDR CB from popping back out therefore, no radio. Am I just being dumb or is something wrong? HELP!
  11. How's that beta 5 testing coming along? Can you tell I'm chompin' at the bit?
  12. What's the latest on the Do?
  13. I'm with Lawman, he hit the nail on the head!
  14. So, :twisted: what's the release date?
  15. Hey Marcel, thanks for the response. I'm a back woods, high wing sim flyer and when I saw the Do-27 was going to be produced by DA, I freaked out. I can't think of a better suited aircraft for those hard to reach, back country STOL strips. The Do-27 has such a utility to it that can't be captured through text. After all, the twin engine variant was used in Laos during the height of Air America Ops. I can't begin to say how anxious I am to experience the model from DA. Thanks again for the response.
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