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Version 1.23.1 of Flightplan Visualizer released

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Flightplan visualizer 1.23.1 is now available via AVSIM using the link below. Don't forget that FV 1.23 requires you have .NET Framework 4.8.1 installed. So if you don't have it installed in your computer it can be obtained via the other link below (you just need the Runtime):



Here is a link for the video recorded describing what have changed in version 1.23.0, and in another post here at the forum you will find a link to the video describing the new logbook/employment feature also added in versions 1.23. Further down you find a full history list of what was changed in 1.23.


Version 1.23.1 (Jan. 20th 2024)

  • Fixed issues that prevented version 1.23.0 to be released.
  • Experience, loyalty-score and completion-factor are now displayed using color-coded progress-bars (red is bad/green is good).
  • Type-rating score is still calculated internally, but it is no longer displayed as a value. In stead the aircraft-browser now shows a percentage value for each aircraft (when showing 100% and you have the required training-hours, you are ready to type-rate).


Version 1.23.0 (not released due to issues with installer)

  • The application is now aimed at- and requires .Net Framework 4.8.1. If not already installed, this framework can be downloaded via the following url https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet-framework/net481 (you just need the runtime).
  • Updated most of the libraries in use.
  • Added/enabled new logbook/employment features ... one bullet-point, but lots of work since version 1.17 🙂
  • Airline usage-report now shows repaints for each simulator-aircraft, and aircraft totals of carrier/operator split per aircraft-usage: PAX, Freight and Other (for each usage-group it shows aircraft short-names of all aircraft in that group).
  • In the runways tab-page of the Airport-info form an asterisk is now appended to the "Exclude small/grass/dirt" check-box (top/right) if the airport have more runways that are "hidden" when the check-box is enabled.
  • When viewing the details for an aircraft-type, there is now a new tab-page showing key-info for all simulator-aircraft that have been defined as substitutes for the aircraft-type (along with match-score for each).
  • In settings you can now define that the list of favorite aircraft should be auto-generated (based on the types of the favorite simulator-aircraft, and substituted-types if enabled).
  • Added leg-search criteria to only include flights to airports that have gates and/or only include flights to airports that have at least one gate that is large-enough for the aircraft of the leg or the specified size.
  • Added leg-search criteria to only include legs that are within a specified percentage of max-range for the aircraft-type in use.
  • Added leg-search criteria to exclude specific countries and/or airports (e.g. due to the current status you might want to exclude all flights to/from Russia and Ukraine).
  • Employment leg-search criteria are now saved to new "_Employment.lsh" file (can be used to visualize potential assignments).
  • Leg-page in Airline-Info form now also contains a combo-box where the user can select which legs to display (and what to chart).
  • Added URL entry-field to aircraft-repaints (simulator-aircraft).
  • Added menu-item (in the Help menu) that will show a list of detected obsolete flightplans (if multiple seasons for the same airline can be detected as being active at the same time).
  • Added support for (AIG) General Aviation flightplans (prefixed by "GA_" by default when importing).
  • Added support for airline-logo's with year in filename. If multiple logos excists for same airline, the one with "highest" year is prioritiezed (unless a "prefered" logo is setup for the airline).
  • Added link-menu (in the Help menu) with url-link to the package on AVSIM with +1400 additional airline-logos, that are not bundled with the installer.
  • Improved prioritization when searching for airlines by ICAO-codes, where multiple airlines share the same ICAO-code (e.g. a defunct and an active airline).
  • Send FP leg-info to SimBrief (via Leg-info form) now also uses new SimBrief-settings form introduced with logbook feature.
  • Likewise in the leg-info form, random load-sheet is now only re-generated if/when chosing another aircraft.
  • Minor improvment to the detection of "bad" uni-code letters in Runways.XML.
  • Removed various old code/forms e.g. used in previous versions to download AIG flightplans and logos from web (no longer available).
  • Fixed: If you in the search-windows (e.g. searching for airport) entered search-text (e.g. ICAO-code) and quickly pressed ENTER it would sometime choose a wrong item (e.g. airport). Hence you had to wait a little before pressing ENTER.
  • Fixed: Due to rounding issues, in some cases the calculated flight-time was displayed wrongly. E.g. the difference in UTC-time between "12:10" and "14:20" was shown as "2:09" (should be "2:10").
  • Fixed: Issue with METAR decodeing where cloud-layer "///CB" or "///TCU" was not detected/decoded correctly.
  • Fixed: In case of a METAR-message with a "TEMPO" with wind-data, the wind-direction/speed was not extracted correctly from the METAR message (e.g. in Airport-info form/runways tab-page).
  • Fixed: Tool-tip for "Listen" button (Airport-info, Runways-tab) contained ILS-ID twice (the last should have been Runway-ID).
  • Data: Added SimBrief type-names in the aircraft-DB for the aircraft that SimBrief currently support, to increase the chance that the "correct aircraft" is selected when transfering data to SimBriefs dispatch-system.
  • Data: Updated (primarily weight-) data for a few aircraft, e.g. the Cessna CJ4, Cessna Longitude and Cirrus Vision Jet. So if you have simulator aircraft based on these, it might be a good idea to update their weight-data, unless you made your own modifications.
  • Data: Usage-type of King Air 200/250 and 300/350 changed from "Passenger" to "GA". Also set pax-count to 0 for the "Fokker F50 Freight" (it was wrongly 62). The "Kodiak" was renamed into "Kodiak 100" and the "Kodiak 900" was added along with the "Embraer EMB 121A1 Xingu II".
  • Flightplans: Updated all airport-redirections to match ICAO-codes utilized by the latest WU, and re-processed all flightplans. E.g. all flights to/from EDDT were redirected to use EDDB in stead (primarily older flightplans were updated, as newer use EDDB anyway).
  • Flightplans: Some +500 flightplans have been updated (old marked as obsolete), +200 new have been added, and 30 marked as defuct. Bringing the total count of embedded flightplans for this release to 1780.


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