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Aes Development Status (of 2009-09-07)

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I want to make a sort update based on the near release of version 2.04.

It (still) summer, so all is a littlebit slower, also AES. In Version 2.04 we will have some new Airport, most of them release in the near past or available soon.


In the AES code itself one small enhancement was done: Now, you can see the status of the services (deboarding, catering and so on ) in the Gate Menu of AES. So it is possible to see, of a service is still running or already finished.

Other parts of the development are more running in the background at the moment and will not be in the code yet. One part is a discussion with several Addon developers to found a way to integrate AES with other project. All this needs time, but I hope that in the rest of the year all will go a bit faster, when the nights get longer.

So far for today,

Oliver Pabst

Never Supported:

  • FlyMex Mexikanische Airports
  • YSSY - Sydney von CLS
  • Airports of Swedflight
  • Skandinavien Airports of Aerosoft
  • Nice of Simwings
  • all Airports vertrieben von LAGO
  • Miami und Tampa von FlyTampa
  • All of Blueprint

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