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Shade X Cannot Connect To The Internet

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I have been away from home for the past month, and during that time period, there was a mandatory verification for ShadeX. I input the correct email and serial, but it gives me a warning message stating "Activation failed, can't connect to the internet". I am connected to the internet, and so is X-Plane 11, as I can match real world weather without a problem. I am up to date with Windows 10 and my drivers for Nvidia are also up to date. I have tried to reinstall ShadeX from the store, but I am prompted with the same problem at activation. The log.txt hasn't provided any information on the issue, so this is just a ShadeX problem. 

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Logfile from shadex

15.45.14] [logger:info] Logger wakes up
[15.45.14] [plugin:info] shadeX v1.0.4+9
[15.45.14] [steam:info] Initializing subsystem...
[15.45.14] [steam:critical] Can't initialize service, Steam-related functionalities will be unavailable.
[15.45.14] [steam:info] Init completed.
[15.45.15] [util:debug] icheck 0
[15.45.15] [license:warn] API server unreachable
[15.45.15] [license:debug] Loading license
[15.45.15] [license:debug] auact 5b756b24-3179-494e-bdc5-ba21300478f7
[15.45.15] [steam:debug] product not activated, performing automatic activation
[15.45.15] [steam:debug] Activation not possible, can't use Steamworks & no internet available
[15.45.28] [plugin:info] Detecting current language
[15.45.28] [plugin:info] Language set to english
[15.45.28] [shadex:info] Loading config file from /home//X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/shadeX/config.json...
[15.45.28] [shadex:info] config values: {
    "usePostWindowCallback": false
[15.45.28] [util:debug] icheck 0
[15.45.28] [shader:warn] Uniform uColor location not found for shader ss_line_shader
[15.45.28] [shader:warn] Uniform uFocusDist location not found for shader CinematicDoF/CalculateCoC
[15.45.28] [shader:warn] Uniform uPixelSize location not found for shader CinematicDoF/Combiner
[15.45.28] [shadex:info] Loading preset /home/jude/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/shadeX/last.sxp.json
[15.45.28] [plugin:info] Renderer plugin enabled
[15.47.23] [shadex:info] Aircraft name set to Rotate-MD-11
[15.49.47] [util:debug] icheck 0
[15.49.47] [activation:error] Activation failed: no internet detected
[15.49.58] [plugin:info] Disabling plugin...
[15.49.58] [shadex:info] Preset saved to /home//X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/shadeX/last.sxp.json
[15.49.58] [plugin:info] Disabled
[15.51.17] [plugin:info] Stopping plugin...
[15.51.17] [plugin:info] Stopped
[15.51.17] [logger:info] End of log


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