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Throttle quadrants in CFD causing issues


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Good Morning,


Both my friend and I are enjoying the CFD in the A333. We can fly together well and appears no issues. Both use P3DV4.5 and all the same equipment/software. 


Only issue we have come across is having my friends throttles and my throttles connected at the same time. If we have both our honeycomb bravo throttles connected we get issues with the throttles when taxiing. We hear a clicking noise when in idle and then then my friend increase the throttles (i.e in take off) they jump up and down (presumably because mine are still in idle). Once I disconnect my throttles via the usb as PM all works well.


My question is, is there are fix for this as it defeats the purpose of being able to switch between PF and PM and have PM take control of the aircraft when we choose (i.e. after landing like in real life etc).


We both have our honeycomb throttles co-ordinated through FSUIPC (with same settings each). The honeycomb yoke and saitek rudders work great so we leave them plugged in, it appears just the throttles cause the issues.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 





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