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Let's say I plan a route that has a constant speed from NUMBR to KETID. I see the following on the OFP:




And the relevant section in the OFP is this: 


<&SpeedChange_Begin>*** CRUISE AT <&Speed> ***<&SpeedChange_End>


The issue is that when I get to KETID, there's no indication in the OFP that I'm able to resume ECON speed or whatever the new speed is. Can the <&SpeedChange> section be called more than once in one OFP? If so, I can't figure out where to put the second call. Or is that not the right way to display the end of a speed restriction? 






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Okay, never mind...  I planned an entirely different route and now I see:


*** CRUISE AT CI 180 *** 


... at the end of the speed restriction. So the <&SpeedChange> section tags seem to be working fine. I'll go back and see if I can figure out why it didn't show up on the original route. 

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I figured it out... My destination was close to the end of the speed restriction, so the TOD was reached about the time the 0.86 was cancelled. Moving the end of the speed restriction farther back from the TOD gets the cancellation to show up on the OFP.

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