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SAM3 Info

Heinz Flichtbeil

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SAM3 is now available and replaces SAM2 and the SAM Suite. Please deinstall SAM2 complete before you install SAM3.

If someone has installed airports that are SAM compatible, then you can update SAM (including all dependencies), best with our new Aerosoft One client.

Aerosoft One is a separate program. It has to be installed only once.

Info and download links for Aerosoft One can be found here:



But you also can download and install SAM3 manually:


To install SAM plugin extract the zip file into your X-Plane root directory and overwrite if prompted. All files will be placed automatically to the correct directories.


With Aerosoft One:

After installing just start Aerosoft One. Then there should be an info about the update of SAM... (if available and neccessary).

Then just do the update (X-Plane 11/12 must not be started).

When everything is done, close the Aerosoft One client and start X-Plane 11/12.


Then open the SAM3 menu via the Plugins menu.

Click on the small download button in the top right corner of the header to go to the SAM3 Content Manager.

There you can install all SAM extensions and activate them if necessary (payware extensions).

You should always activate step by step (not all at once), because X-Plane 11/12 has to be restarted after activation.

Always "copy&paste" the needed eMail and the serial number into the fields.


Greets Heinz


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Here is some more info about the manual installation of SAM3:



(Download latest SAM Version).


... if the new folder SAM (from the unzipped SAM3 zip file ) has been copied into the Plugins folder of X-Plane 11/12,

simply start X-Plane 11/12 and open SAM from the menu - Plugins.

This will allow you to install the extensions etc.

To do this, click on the small download button (in the upper right corner of the SAM3 window next to the "cogwheel icon") to open the Content Manager...


There is no SAM3 Suite available.

Instead there is the "SAM3 Content Manager".


But you can call the Content Manager separately with the script "Windows Content Manager" (for Windows e.g.).

However, this only works via the corresponding ".... Content Manager" script, which is located in the ... / plugins / SAM / folder of the installed X-Plane 11/12 folder.



SAM ist a global Plugin. It only have to be installed once in the X-Plane 11/12 .../Resources/plugins/ folder.

If there is another SAM folder in any other plugins folder (for example in a scenery addon or in an aircraft addon, then this is wrong (and not legal) and will cause errors! with also other SAM compatible sceneries...


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