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<&TimeEllapsed> from destination to alternate?

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The data field <&TimeEllapsed> seems to reset after the destination. The problem is that I have a "Diversion" NavLog (for the route from the destination to the alternate) that is working correctly in other respects, except that the <&TimeEllapsed> is no longer a cumulative counter recording the time elapsed from takeoff. Instead, on the diversion NavLog, <&TimeEllapsed> shows only the time from one leg to the next. 


By way of example, the final four legs of the main route (origin to destination) count up cumulatively, like this: 12:30, 12:45, 13:05, 13:27.


But after diverting, <&TimeEllapsed> only shows values like this between legs: 5, 5, 5, 5, where each leg is hypothetically 5 minutes from the previous one. In other words, it resets to only show just the time from the previous leg, not the cumulative time elapsed since takeoff. 


Everything works well in the main trip NavLog, and in the re-dispatch NavLog; it's only the diversion NavLog from destination to the alternate that is giving me this behavior. 


I'm using <&TimeEllapsed> for each of the three NavLogs above. Should I be using a different data field for the cumulative trip time from takeoff to the alternate? Or is there a better way?


I should add that I copied and pasted the data fields for the three NavLogs (trip, re-dispatch, and diversion) so they look identical except for their section headers. And every data field works as expected, except <&TimeEllapsed> for the diversion.




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UPDATE: Resolved. I think I had a nesting error with the section tabs.


That said, <&TimeEllapsed> does seem to reset to zero when you divert at the end of the main route, perhaps because the initial point of the alternate route is an airport. But it is incrementing properly to show cumulative time since departing the destination airport, and the planned time matches the predicted time. Which is another way of saying that <&TimeEllapsed> at the end of the diversion matches <&Altn1Time>. Good to go!


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