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NavDataPro - Single dataset Questions

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Hello all,


1) With regards to the NavDataPro Single Dataset offering. Is it possible to simply continue to update it when new versions release and deleting the old version. Or is it that you download a Version and if a new version comes online you cannot download the newest version, having to pay again to get the newest version.


2) How long does the subscription last until renewal needed. (https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-2004/tools-missions/1749/navdatapro-single-dataset?c=1447)


Cheers for your help. 

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  • Aerosoft

1) After purchase you can update all your add-ons until a new AIRAC cycle is getting released. 


NavDataPro keeps backups of downloaded data. So even after a new AIRAC cycle becomes you can still update your add-ons with your purchased data (for example if you reinstall an add-on). 


Important: after a newsletter AIRAC cycle becomes available you can not update add-ons which you haven't already updated before during the validity period of the purchased AIRAC cycle. 


At any time you can purchase a newer dataset (i.e. AIRAC cycle) if needed. 


2) A single dataset isn't not a subscription.


As long as the purchased dataset hasn't been replaced by a newer one (after 28 days latest) you can update all your add-ons (the ones you had already updated before and news ones. 


After your purchased dataset becomes invalid you can only re-update add-ons you had already updated before. In this case the data will be taken from a local backup from the machine. 


Add-ons you haven't updated before (i.e. for which no local backup data is available) can't be updated anymore. 


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