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World UHD Mesh Files


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I've downloaded many UHD files from X-Plane that were authored by Alpilotx.net but I’m having a problem keeping the UHD folders above HD folders in the scenery.ini file. Despite saving the scenery.ini file each time I change it, the HD file keeps appearing above the UHD folder listing in the file.


Any suggestions as to how to stop this changing; perhaps altering the file name of the UHD folder, or the HD one?






(UK), X-Plane 11.55


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Hello Terry,

yes, you can change the name of the HD and UHD files.


I for example have named them:





That works also if you delete the .ini file and let it create again with an X-Plane 11 start.

The UHD folder is always above the HD folder and both are at the very end of the ini file.


But also you can edit the scenery_packs.ini file and move the UHD row above the HD row (with cut&paste). Then save the .ini file and this will also work.

The order in the Custom Scenery folder is not important. X-Plane 11 only reads the scenery_packs.ini file for the order of the sceneries installed there.

But if you delete the .ini file an let it create again from X-Plane 11, then the best way is the name of the UHD / HD files as mentioned above....


Greets Heinz



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