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Berlin Brandenburg V2 HotFix

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in the addon Berlin Brandenburg V2 (v2.00) for X-Plane 11 there is a small bug. Some objects (like e.g. the government terminal)

are only displayed with very high object density settings in the X-Plane 11 menu - Settings - Graphics.

We have fixed this (thanks to FlyAgi) with a small hotfix.


You can download it here. Unzip the file and copy the two folders "Earth nav data" and "OPTIONS" into the installed Airport folder.

Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg - 01 - Airport (make a backup from this folder before if you want).

Overwrite or replace files.


In the next bigger EDDB V2 update the HotFix1 will be included.


Greetings heinz



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Dear Heinz,


Are you sure it is Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg - 01 - Airport and not Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg - 02 - Airport ?? 


00 => Seasons

01 => Roads

02 => Airport


Best Regards,


Ton Scholten / The Netherlands

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Yes, I am sure .... :)


We are speaking from Berlin Brandenburg V2, and not from Berlin Brandenburg V1.

Airport Berlin Brandenburg V2 XP | Aerosoft Shop

With V2 there are only 2 folders included.

The  folder ... 00 - Seasons and the folder ... 01 - Airport.


Berlin Brandenburg V2 is a new fullversion. You have to delete the older three Berlin Brandenburg V1 folders before you install the V2.


Greets Heinz

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