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Navigational database not opened error


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Hello, everyone. I'm trying to install navigraph database for airbus x extended 1.10, but I keep getting that error when launching the flight from fsx. I've read a couple of topics, but they don't seem to have a solution that works for me.

1. I have installed navigraph in the simulator folder as was suggested. The path is \FSX\aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph

2. In configurator the navigational database is set to navigraph and NavData.ini looks like so:



//All paths are relative from FSX main folder!
//useNavDataPro=1 loads NavDataPro database
//useNavDataPro=0 loads Navigraph database


From what I've read in other topics, with these conditions everything should now work, but I still keep getting that error. Also, if i choose NavDataPro, it works fine, but has older airac.

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Temporarly kinda solved the problem. I just copy-pasted contents of Navigraph folder to NavDataPro folder and changed configurator to NavDataPro(as though it's using NavDataPro) and it kinda works, never knew they are sort of compatible. Still would apreciate if you know the proper solution.

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